Cross Platform Producer - Director - Editor

I am a producer with experience across television, social, event, and performance platforms.

I am a producer with experience across television, social, event, and performance platforms. I founded the video department at Praytell, where I produced and edited documentary film More Than T for our client The MAC AIDS Fund, with director Silas Howard. More Than T was picked up by Showtime, and our short-form video series Trans 102, written by Jen Richards and directed by Silas Howard, was presented by Refinery29.

My clients/credits include The MAC AIDS Fund, Twitter, Logitech, Shock Top, AOL, CBS, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery, Tivo, Cotton Inc, Wix, Flippable, Anheuser-Busch The High End, Playboy, Praytell, Tinkergarten, and the Nephcure Foundation. In addition to extensive television/commercial work, I was executive producer and co-editor of the documentary Minds Of Mississippi for the Thinking Foundation. I was director of digital and co-founder of Brooklyn AirSpace, a pop-up circus training facility, and I founded and produce transmedia project UnderOneDances.

I’m passionate about creating unique and memorable experiences. At Spin The Bottle, where I was on the freelance team for over ten years, we produced a live concert-for-video series and interactive videos in addition to traditional tv & internet video content. I’ve produced site-specific and interactive dance performances for events such as the Wix IPO party, Eventbrite’s Britefest NYC, and the opening of the BEAT Festival at the Brooklyn Museum. During my residency at Arts@Renaissance in 2012, I experimented with interactive experiences and non-traditional performance presentation.

Trans102: Bathrooms

Produced for the MAC AIDS Fund.

Director: Silas Howard

Writer: Jen Richards

Director of Photography: Dagmar Weaver-Madsen

Producer: Kyla Ernst-Alper, Praytell

#LogitechLive at CES 2016

Agency: Praytell & Finn Partners

Host: Ben Glieb

Producer: Kyla Ernst-Alper

January 6-8 2016

Our team produced, edited, and uploaded around 5 videos per day, which supported an online sweepstakes, resulting in over 41 million combined social impressions (Facebook & Twitter) and 22,400 social media engagements.