Bloomingdale's Holiday Window Reveal 2017
Being Flynn

I create thought-provoking experiences for my audience, often blending aerial and dance. I'm passionate about producing site-specific and transmedia works.

My dance-aerial piece "been thinking..." was voted audience favorite at the NYC10 spring 2014 festival.

Creating custom performances is a specialty of mine; my work includes a spy-themed aerial ballet for the SpyGirl Pictures launch party, a site-specific dance within an art installation, a 1920's-inspired aerial fabric act for a wedding, contemporary ballet and aerial collaborations with Ballet Inc, site specific choreography featuring a cast of twelve for the Wix IPO party, and original aerial and dance pieces for the bands Earthside and Huff This. With ABCirque I've created several pieces for the band Cordis and a fabric solo for the Bloomingdale's holiday window reveal.

photo by Andrew T. Foster

been thinking...

The "been thinking..." series is a collection of dances & digital media that explore how I processed life, love, and loss in an age of constant connection, over-documentation, and instant gratification. For some pieces I asked my audience to be a part of the creative process. The short film "subject: no gravity" is also a part of this series.

been thinking... (time wasted), a dance solo, is inspired by the time wasting experiment by Alyson Provax. The soundtrack is made up of audio recordings sent to me from friends and strangers, documenting wasted time, layered over a track composed for me by Austin Mitchell. I put out a call for people to share their wasted time with me on Twitter, my Tumblr, Facebook, and in an email. Examples of what I received include a rough recording of a song about a terrible relationship, “thinking of unreal things and missing the present”, “7 minutes drudging up and reliving old resentments”, and “unspecified time spent on porn”. This piece premiered at The Wix Lounge.

been thinking... (not sleeping), an aerial hammock & dance solo, reflects the sleeplessness that my peers and I frequently experience. We are an overstimulated cohort, always plugged in and connected, constantly multi-tasking, endlessly juggling jobs and relationships. We're prone to insomnia and vivid dreams. This piece premiered at The Muse Brooklyn.

performed in the NYC10 dance festival at Dixon Place in NYC, April 2014

Music: Austin Mitchell, Say My Name Or Say Whatever by How To Dress Well (excerpt), Been Thinking by Shlohmo, Pyramids by Frank Ocean (excerpt)


This 8-minute site-specific piece was commissioned by Wix, and created inside an installation by visual artist Tomo Mori. Each dot in Mori's work represented a memory of hers. My choreography was built by first listing personal memories that spontaneously came to mind, and then creating movement phrases out of those memories.

photo by Galo Delgado


Wake is an interactive multimedia performance that integrates motion-capture, virtual reality, and motion controls with the ancient practice of the exquisite corpse for a beautifully emergent, immersive experience.

Created by Lisa Jamhoury, Mahe Dewan and Jarrett Slavin
Choreographed & Performed by Kyla Ernst-Alper

Bloomingdale's Holiday Window Reveal 2017
Bloomingdale's Holiday Window Reveal 2017

Producer: ABCirque & Fox/The Greatest Showman

Client: Bloomingdale's

I choreographed an aerial fabric solo that I performed while sharing the stage with singer and actress Keala Settle.

Earthside - Mob Mentality feat. Lajon Witherspoon & MSSO (Official Video)


Composer: Jamie van Dyck of Earthside

Vocalist: Lajon Witherspoon

Dancers: Kyla Ernst-Alper & Wade Watson

Choreography by: Aaron Atkins, Kyla Ernst-Alper, Matthew Ortner

Producer: Monière

Executive Producer: Earthside

Being Flynn
Being Flynn

Produced by Spring Street Social Society, “Being Flynn” was an enchanting promotional performance series, centered on the building’s namesake and bon vivant, Flynn – revealing a voyeuristic snapshot into his stylish apartment as he engages with an eclectic cast of neighbors, lovers, and friends.

I created the choreography for my character, "the Ballerina."

#TweetDance + Readymade Cabaret

Readymade Cabaret uses Duchamp’s notions of chance and readymades to celebrate the beauty of chance encounters. The scenes that are performed, and the order in which they are performed, depend on the roll of the dice; so in any given performance, the audience sees 1 of a hundred million possible plays.

The Spring 2015 run of Readymade Cabaret was supported in part by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

Conceived and Directed by Erin B. Mee

#TweetDances by Kyla Ernst-Alper

Text by Jessie Bear

Scenic/Art Design by Sam Silbiger

Stage Management by Sophia Cohen Smith